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Say hello to the world's premiere swing trainer. Swing Catalyst offers a complete set of swing trainer and golf swing analysis tools that is being used by instructors, coaches and golfers from around the world. Today world renowned PGA Tour coaches such as Sean Foley, Kevin Weeks, Matt Killen, Scott Hamilton and Grant Waite are all using various golf swing analysis tools from Swing Catalyst to ensure their PGA tour players receive a precise and detailed feedback on their golf swings.

The swing trainer tools offered by Swing Catalyst are everything from a free golf swing analysis App via the user-friendly video analysis software to the more advanced sensor plates. Although most of the PGA Tour coaches prefer more advanced swing trainer aids such as the 3D Motion Plate. You can get started for free by downloading the Swing Catalyst App from the App Store, or downloading the free trial of our video analysis software from our website.

The Swing Catalyst Golf Swing App is the most basic swing trainer on offer. The golf swing app lets you record your own swing, do some basic analysis including drawing lines (swing planes, etc.) and comparing your own swing to another swing. The swing trainer app also lets you share your swings with your coach in just a click for a more thorough analysis, or with a friend just for fun. Your coach can now send a video lesson directly back to your golf swing app.

The Swing Catalyst swing trainer video software is in the next tier of our golf training aids. The software has been praised by coaches around the world for its user friendliness. And while being very easy to use for basic video analysis, it also has some advanced capabilities under the trunk. Not only does the Swing Catalyst swing trainer software integrate and synchronize all the data from the Swing Catalyst sensor plates, it also integrates data from all the popular ball- and club tracking devices such as Foresight GC and FlightScope.

Combined these swing trainer tools offers everything you need to learn the most important golf swing basics.

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