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Ball / Club Tracking

The Swing Catalyst software integrates ball flight- and club data from the most popular launch monitors with video images seamlessly. Currently we support FlightScope, Foresight Sports (GC2/GCQuad) and Full Swing Golf. All data provided by these ball- and club tracking devices is stored in one single file together with the corresponding video images and data from a Balance Plate or 3D Motion Plate. This enables the instructor to study the correlations between variations in technique and shot results over time.

Swing Catalyst do not sell any of the above mentioned ball- and club tracking devices. Please contact the manufacturer for more information about the desired device.



Foresight GC2/GCQuad


Full Swing golf simulators

The powerful Swing Catalyst analysis system is seamlessly integrated into the Full Swing Golf simulator environment. Multiple cameras, clear video, ball tracking data, balance plate, and automated lighting are all fully synchronized inside the simulator. The only system of it’s kind!




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