NEW Swing Catalyst R&D Center in Los Angeles

The new Swing Catalyst R&D Centre and state-of-the-art golf training facility at Urban Golf Performance

NEW Swing Catalyst R&D Center in Los Angeles

Urban Golf Performance (UGP) opened a new state-of-the-art golf training facility near Los Angeles International Airport last week. The new facility will also serve as the Swing Catalyst R&D Center and the headquarter of Swing Catalyst Research Director Dr. Scott Lynn.

The brand new centre, located only minutes away from LAX, includes several high-speed cameras, the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate and a TrackMan, all synchronized through the Swing Catalyst software. This is UGP’s second location in Los Angeles, and the company has plans to expand rapidly.

– Swing Catalyst is changing the landscape of how golf swings are captured, and does it in a clean, sleek format that everyone can get behind. The software really is intuitive; while the data is reliable, accurate, and practically applicable. UGP is continuing to forge the pathway for how generations of golfers will learn and connect with the game of golf, and Swing Catalyst is a big part of that future, says UGP founder Mackenzie Todd.

On Sunday (June 12) you will have the chance to test all these technologies and also attend our first ever Level 2 seminar in Los Angeles. Click here to sign-up for the seminar.


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