New Swing Catalyst Ambassadors

New Swing Catalyst Ambassadors

We are very happy to welcome Henrik ”Hempa” Lundqvist and Lucy Davies to the team of Swing Catalyst Ambassadors.

Former national coach of Belgium, Norway and Sweden, Henrik Lundqvist has coached players on all levels of the PGA/LPGA Tour and been ranked among the top 3 golf professionals in Sweden for more than a decade. Henrik is currently the head professional at Ullna Golf Club in Stockholm.

- I have been using Swing Catalyst since 2013 and Swing Catalyst system is the first device that I have used that instantly visualizes the cause and effect in the student´s unique movement, which helps me guide them into maximum efficiency in no time. Measuring the evolution in their movement is of outmost importance to better understand the behavior of the golf club. Together with Swing Catalyst video software and radar data from Trackman this is the most powerful tool a teacher needs. In my philosophy that we all have unique swing movements Swing Catalyst helps each and every student develop the fundamentals of how to interact with the ground and transferring energy into the club.

Lucy Davies is a former player on the LET and Canadian Tour and currently the Director of Instruction at the prestigious Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California.

- I own a Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate and the product is outstanding! I use it for golfers of all skill levels. From a student perspective it helps them understand where their source of power comes from and how their center of pressure moves throughout the golf swing. As an instructor it allows me to diagnose a problem quicker. It takes guesswork out. 

The Swing Catalyst video software is easy to use and has a variety of options for analyzing golf swings. I use it throughout my studio. In my opinion it’s the best software out there. 

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