New Swing Catalyst Ambassadors

Swing Catalyst Ambassador Cameron McCormick, the 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year and swing coach of Jordan Spieth

New Swing Catalyst Ambassadors

We have had the pleasure to welcome several new top coaches to our exclusive group of Ambassadors the last couple of months. The latest addition to this prestigous group of golf coaches is Cameron McCormick, the 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year and swing coach of Jordan Spieth.

Earlier this year McCormick announced his appointment as Director of Instruction at the soon to be opened Trinity Forest Golf Club. This stunning world class facility will include 3 Swing Catalyst Balance Plates plus our flagship game improvement system, the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate.

- Following my philosophy of…measure twice, cut once and leave an athletes functional fingerprint intact; it’s imperative that the diagnostics and assessments I make equip me with valid actionable insight. For this reason I trust in Swing Catalyst to help me see beyond the visible; pairing together high speed motion video with ground force traces and accompanying collision dynamics and shot results they are pushing the boundaries in technology to aid in player development, says Cameron McCormick.

We are also very proud to welcome Warren Mercer (The Grange Golf Club, Australia), Jeff Smith (TPC Summerlin, USA), Tom Rezendes (NorCal Golf Academy, USA), Rob Noel (Rob Noel Golf Academy, USA), Shaun Webb (David Toms Academy, USA), Jeff Isler (Jeff Isler Golf, USA), Guillaume Biaugeaud (L'Académie Golfmechanics, France), Erik Blomqvist (Balance Golf, Sweden) and Michael Dickie (Michael International Golf Academy, China) as our new Swing Catalyst Ambassadors.

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