New Product Launch!

New Product Launch!

Stronger, Faster, Better! The much anticipated Balance Plate 3 will be launched at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show!

Stronger – The body of the Balance Plate 3 has been completely redesigned. The internal cross beam structure makes the Balance Plate a lot stronger and adds protection to the 2048 high resolution sen­sors on the inside. While it has become stronger, the weight has been reduced to only 13 lbs (5.9 kg) and made the new Balance Plate much more portable.
Faster – The Balance Plate 3 provides 135 samples per second (Hz), making it 35% faster than its predecessor. For an average PGA Tour player this increase in speed translates into 10 additional data readings just during the down swing, enhancing the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate’s position as the most accurate pressure device on the market.
Better – The pressure range (3.5 to 350 kPa) is almost doubled with the new Balance Plate 3. The increased pressure range in conjunction with the new calibration algorithms allows for more accurate data readings during peaks of high pressure, such as the short period just before the time of impact.
New feature alert!
Vertical force – Our research has shown that vertical forces are extremely important to the creation of club head speed in many golfers. Previously vertical force measurements have only been available to our 3D Motion Plate users, but with all the new improvements we can now offer accurate vertical force measurements to our Balance Plate users as well. This much anticipated feature will only be available with the brand new Balance Plate 3.

Stop by our booth (#2879) during the PGA Show to test out the Balance Plate 3 yourself!

Pre-order your new Balance Plate today ($5,995)


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