Meet our Ambassadors at the PGA Show

Meet our Ambassadors at the PGA Show

Learn from the most experienced Swing Catalyst users how you can benefit from using the Swing Catalyst products.

On Wednesday and Thursday you will have the chance to hear directly from our Ambassador how they are taking advantage of their Swing Catalyst products. Our Ambassadors will demonstrate the video software, the Balance Plate and the 3D Motion Plate, and is prepared to answer any question you might have to them. Please find the full list of our booth presentations below:



9am-10am: John Dunigan
10am-11am: Dom DiJulia
11am-12pm: Guillaume Biaugeaud
1pm-2pm: Chase Cooper
2pm-3pm: Kevin Sprecher
3pm-4pm: Bernie Najar
4pm-5pm: Jason Carbone


9am-10am: Kevin Weeks
10am-11am: Mike Adams
11am-12pm: Erik Blomqvist
1pm-2pm: Hoppy Smith
2pm-3pm: Andrew Rice
3pm-4pm: Dr. Scott Lynn
4pm-5pm: Jason Baile


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