Level 2 seminars in Europe

Level 2 seminars in Europe

Two new Level 2 Seminars in Europe with Dr. Scott Lynn and Bernie Najar.

Our upcoming Level 2 seminars in Germany and Sweden are both hosted by Swing Catalyst Research Director, Dr. Scott Lynn and Swing Catalyst Ambassador Bernie Najar (Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers & Golf Digest’s No. 1 teacher in Maryland).

The Swing Catalyst Level 2 Certification is a two day seminar that further expands on the biomechanics of golf that was introduced in Level 1. During the seminar students will learn how the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate can help visualize the invisible forces that are required to produce powerful and efficient golf swings. Dr. Lynn will explain the connection between the COP traces provided by the Balance Plate and the 3D ground reaction forces (GRFs) measured by the 3D Motion Plate. Dr. Lynn will also present some of the exciting research he is working on that is investigating how to optimize COP traces and ground reaction forces to produce improved impact conditions for each and every golfer.

Register for either of the seminars before July 20 and use the promo code “newsletter” to receive a €100 discount.

PS Attendees will have to pass the online (free) Level 1 certification test before they attend the Level 2 seminar.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about the upcoming Level 2 seminars.


Why attend a Swing Catalyst Level 2 seminar?

“I just attended the Swing Catalyst Level 2 seminar at Caves Valley. Dr. Scott Lynn and Mike Adams were tremendous! I have been to a lot of seminars and it has been a very long since I got that much out of a program.”  
Kevin Weeks
PGA Director of Instruction, Cog Hill Golf & Country Club
Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor
“The Swing Catalyst Level 2 seminar was very educational and informative. I can't tell you how easy Dr. Scott Lynn made such a hard topic. I really appreciate the way he broke everything down and made it easy to understand.”
Dan Shelden, PGA
Assistant Golf Professional

“That was the BEST presentation - I learned more in the two days with you than years in school.  Makes so much sense and I really enjoyed your insights.”
Joe Plecker
Director of Golf Instruction , Elkridge Club
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America




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