New software release

New software release

After months of extensive testing the Swing Catalyst 8.0 is soon ready to be launched!

The 8.0 version includes a range of exciting new features and tweaks to existing features which makes this version easier to use and even more valuable for our customers. We will announce the launch date on our social media pages, so please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you do not already.

Several usability changes have been made. New swings are now shown to the left in the stack, making them easy to play back and find later on. Settings are easily accessible while recording and analyzing swings, so tweaking your camera settings or enabling the launch monitor can  be done without leaving your analysis session.

The brand new Lesson module ensures better support for high resolutions while at the same time makes it easy to share favorite swings and moments from your practice sessions with the students. Sharing swings with others is now easier than ever, email addresses of local users are now available via autocomplete.

Great news also for our customers using the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor, the Quad is now fully integrated with the Swing Catalyst software.

Do you have any suggestions what features or improvements can make the Swing Catalyst software even better? Please share your idea with us here.

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