3D Motion Plate system installed at the Killen Golf Academy

3D Motion Plate system installed at the Killen Golf Academy

PGA Tour coach Matt Killen decided to purchase the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate after his student J.B. Holmes scored the highest-ever recorded force factor just before his win at the Wells Fargo Championship in May.

The Swing Catalyst team recently installed the complete system including several high-speed cameras at the Killen Golf Academy in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

"As a teacher quantifying what happens during the swing, it’s important to learn what the best players in the world do in their swing and to also provide a numeric value on their ability to use the ground,” says Killen. “It’s very helpful in evaluating improvement."

- Torque, or rotational force, reflects the force produced in rotational motion, which translates through the golfer to the club and into the ball, says Dr David McGhie, head of R&D at Swing Catalyst. - The Swing Catalyst force factor is a relative measure of the maximum torque a golfer produces during the swing. Essentially, it is normalized by body mass, which takes into account the influence of mass on the forces that contribute to the torque. Generally, a person with greater body mass will produce larger ground reaction forces simply due to the greater body mass. By removing this effect, the force factor indicates the degree to which the golfer is able to create torque from his or her body mass. At the individual level, the force factor has been shown to be strongly correlated to club head speed at impact, which of course is a main determinant of driving distance.

The Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate is Swing Catalyst’s flagship swing analysis system, offering all the same data as the company’s basic Balance Plate, but also adds horizontal/vertical force- and torque measurements. Based on these measurements, the system calculates the amount of rotational force generated, and how well the golfer times this force relative to impact. All 3D Motion Plate data is perfectly synchronized with the video images and the data from a ball/club tracking device.

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